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Last updated: November 6, 2023

This Privacy Policy delineates the principles and protocols governing the collection, utilization, and dissemination of your information when engaging with the services provided by Commedia, referred to in this document as "the Company," "We," "Us," or "Our." Our pledge is to apprise you of your privacy entitlements and the legal protections safeguarding your interests.

By availing yourself of our services, you grant consent for the collection and deployment of data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Interpretation and Definitions

Interpretation: Terms within this policy that commence with an initial capital letter possess specific meanings expounded upon under the ensuing terms and stipulations. These definitions maintain their significance whether presented in the singular or plural form.

Definitions: For the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

  • Account: Denotes a unique account generated exclusively for your access to our services or certain sections thereof.
  • Company: The term "Company" or "We" or "Us" or "Our" refers to Commedia.
  • Cookies: These are diminutive files embedded on your computer, mobile device, or any other digital apparatus by a website. These files encapsulate the particulars of your browsing history and serve multifarious purposes.
  • Device: Encompasses any instrument capable of accessing our services, such as computers, cellphones, or digital tablets.
  • Personal Data: Pertains to data that is directly or indirectly linked to an identifiable individual.
  • Service: Alludes to our website.
  • Service Provider: A Service Provider designates any natural or legal entity entrusted with data processing on behalf of the Company. This may encompass third-party entities or individuals engaged by the Company to facilitate service provision or analyze Service usage.
  • Third-party Social Media Service: Encompasses any website or social networking platform through which a User can register or establish an account for Service utilization.
  • Usage Data: Usage Data pertains to data that is gathered automatically, either as a result of Service usage or emanating from the Service infrastructure itself. This might encompass the duration of a page visit.
  • Website: Refers to Commedia, accessible via
  • You: The term "You" denotes the individual who accesses or utilizes our services. This definition may also extend to a company or other legal entity on whose behalf such an individual accesses or uses our services, as the context may require.

Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

Types of Data Collected

Personal Data: When you engage with our Service, we may solicit certain personally identifiable information for purposes of establishing contact or identification. This information may encompass, but is not confined to:

  • Email address
  • First name and last name
  • Usage Data

Usage Data: Usage Data is collected automatically during the utilization of our Service. This may encompass information such as your Device's Internet Protocol address (e.g., IP address), browser type, browser version, specific pages within our Service that you visit, the date and time of your visits, the duration of your visits to those pages, unique device identifiers, and other diagnostic data.

When you access our Service through a mobile device, certain information is gathered automatically, including, but not limited to, the type of mobile device you use, the unique ID of your mobile device, the IP address of your mobile device, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browser you employ, unique device identifiers, and other diagnostic data. Moreover, information sent by your browser when accessing our Service or when doing so through a mobile device may also be collected.

Information from Third-Party Social Media Services: Our Company offers the capability to create an account and log in to our Service through select Third-Party Social Media Services, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Should you opt to register or grant us access through a Third-Party Social Media Service, we may gather Personal data already associated with your Third-Party Social Media Service's account. This may include your name, email address, activities, or your contact list linked to that account. Furthermore, you may choose to share additional information with us through your Third-Party Social Media Service's account. In such instances, the provision of this information and Personal Data, whether during registration or at another time, implies your consent for the Company to use, share, and store such data in accordance with the terms established in this Privacy Policy.

Tracking Technologies and Cookies: Our Service employs Cookies and analogous tracking technologies to monitor your activities and store specific information. These tracking technologies comprise beacons, tags, and scripts, which play a pivotal role in collecting and tracking data, as well as contributing to the enhancement and analysis of our Service. The technologies in use may encompass:

Cookies or Browser Cookies: Cookies are diminutive files placed on your Device. You have the option to configure your browser to decline all Cookies or to receive notifications when a Cookie is being sent. It is imperative to recognize that without accepting Cookies, certain segments of our Service may remain inaccessible. In the absence of adjustments to your browser settings rejecting Cookies, our Service may rely on the deployment of Cookies.

Flash Cookies: Specific features of our Service may rely on local stored objects, commonly referred to as Flash Cookies, for the gathering and retention of information related to your preferences or activities on our Service. It is crucial to acknowledge that Flash Cookies are managed independently from the browser settings governing Browser Cookies. Further details on how to delete Flash Cookies can be found here.

Web Beacons: Certain sections of our Service, as well as our emails, may incorporate small electronic files known as web beacons. These may also be referred to as clear gifs, pixel tags, or single-pixel gifs. These elements empower the Company to monitor user visits to specific pages, the opening of emails, and other related statistics pertinent to the website. This includes tracking the popularity of specific segments and verifying the integrity of the system and server.

Cookies come in two primary categories: "Persistent" or "Session" Cookies. Persistent Cookies remain on your personal computer or mobile device after you go offline, while Session Cookies are eradicated as soon as you conclude your web browsing session. For a more exhaustive comprehension of Cookies, please review Cookies by PrivacyPolicies Generator.

We deploy both Session and Persistent Cookies for the following purposes:

Necessary / Essential Cookies

Type: Session Cookies

Administered by: Us

Purpose: These Cookies are indispensable for delivering services accessible through the Website and for enabling specific features. They facilitate user authentication and forestall the fraudulent use of user accounts. The absence of these Cookies would render the requested services unavailable. We employ these Cookies exclusively for delivering these services.

Cookies Policy / Notice Acceptance Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Administered by: Us

Purpose: These Cookies are deployed to establish whether users have acquiesced to the use of Cookies on the Website.

Functionality Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Administered by: Us

Purpose: Functionality Cookies empower

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